Empowering young innovators
to shape the future of real estate.

Hosted by ACRE

YEN/W Vision

A future where youth in property are leading through innovation and collaboration and are at the forefront of building wealth through entrepreneurship.

Key Features:

  • Interaction with Established Professionals.
  • Daily networking sessions with successful entrepreneurs and industry experts.
  • Opportunities for mentorship and guidance.
  • Knowledge sharing on industry trends and best practices.

Raison D’être

Create a platform that provides young people with knowledge of business, empowers them with skills to tackle the entrepreneurial journey, and provides support opportunities that equip youth to find their entrepreneurial voice and become proactive agents for change in their communities and the world.

Entrepreneurial Showcase

  • Participants will present their business ideas during pitching sessions.
  • Feedback from a panel of judges composed of professionals and investors.
  • A chance to win a grand prize awarded on the final day.

Join Acre in YEN/W

The African continent boasts a wealth of young entrepreneurial talent, evident from the numerous youths who have etched their names in history by overcoming adversity to become frontrunners in the business world. However, more needs to be done to support the upcoming business moguls who are tasked with addressing some of the continent's pressing challenges, particularly poverty and unemployment. In light of this, the Academy of Construction & Real Estate (ACRE), in collaboration with its partners, has developed the Youth Entrepreneurship Network Bootcamp. This platform is geared towards enabling youth entrepreneurship through various developmental activities.


Director: Stabilis Brown (Pty) LTD

I would like to thank the academy and all the partners involved for inviting me to this platform to come and share my experiences as well I joined on the listed session and I expect to learn a lot and I will also share and hope that all the attendees get to learn something from my experiences as well.

Prince Nwadeyi
Director: iSbani Capital.

Thank you so much for the opportunity once again. Good evening colleagues and thank you so much for taking the time to jump onto the call, also wanted to take the opportunity to thank the academy of construction and real estate for the opportunity just to share my entrepreneurial journey. I think most importantly as well to hopefully inspire and create an alternative view on how I think we can add value within societies specifically given the environments of communities in which we come from.

Bonga Masoka
Founding Partner: Splash coatings Africa

thanks for a great webinar I really appreciated it

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YEN/W 2024

The event will provide a platform for young entrepreneurs to engage with experienced industry professionals.


2024 youth bootcamp for inspiring and motivating our future leaders in real estate.

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