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South Africa

24 to 27 July 2024

The Youth Entrepreneurship Network (YEN/W) is a week-long entrepreneurship learning programme aimed at empowering young entrepreneurs through mainly online learning and enterprise development initiatives. The program theme - "Where Dreamers become Doers", highlights the transformation of ideas into actionable business ventures. YEN/W is designed to provide young entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge, and connections necessary to turn their ideas into profitable ventures. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with established professionals, showcase their business ideas, and gain valuable insights to advance their entrepreneurial journeys.

About the YEN/W Bootcamp

The Youth in Entrepreneurship Network (YEN/W) Bootcamp is scheduled in Johannesburg, South Africa, and online from 24th to 27th July 2024 and 12th August 2024. The Bootcamp aims to equip young entrepreneurs with practical business skills and leadership training whilst enabling opportunities for participants to interact with presentations from industry experts and youth entrepreneurs, learn skills in venture creation and pitch development, and have a prize-giving ceremony.


20 young entrepreneurs and aspirant future business leaders will be selected to participate in the 2025 Youth Entrepreneurship Network Bootcamp. The selection process will focus on youth entrepreneurs with actual business ideas and the determination to make it happen, who are interested in learning skills to create a new venture, develop and deliver a business pitch, and require support to launch the business successfully.

Selection of Participants

Interested participants can register for the Bootcamp in one of the following ways: Participants will be selected from submissions gathered via ACRE partners. Go here to see the participating partners. Submit a registration form via the YEN/W website or contact marketing@1acre.co.za for application details. Only participants who are 18-35 years old with an actual business idea or any woman entrepreneur/ business owner of a business less than 2 years in operation.

What can attendees expect?

On completion of the YEN/W Bootcamp program, participants will have learned strategies to package ideas into actionable plans with concrete steps to launch and run a successful business venture. Pitch presentations to be shortlisted for awards and monetary prizes.

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Keynote Speakers

Petersam Mkansi
Petersam Mkansi
Petersam Mkansi
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YEN/W 2024

The event will provide a platform for young entrepreneurs to engage with experienced industry professionals.


2024 youth bootcamp for inspiring and motivating our future leaders in real estate.

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